Food Wrap - SmartWrap
Tastier, Healthier Food
Flora SmartWrap is the perfect way not just to preserve your food, but also to keep your foods tastier & healthier. SmartWrap is impervious to moisture & bacteria, and protects your food when wrapped with a tight seal around your food. It locks in all the freshness and fresher food always tastes better. Use Flora SmartWrap everyday for the health of your family.

Retains Moisture and Keeps Foods Softer, Crisper, Fresher and Flovorful
Flora SmartWrap forms a secure barrier against outside moisture & gases like Oxygen. While it keeps outside moisture out, it retains the moisture inside your foods locked inside it. Your Roti's will stay softer & taste better, while your french fries & vada's will retain its crispness and flavor. Try wrapping your kids lunch in SmartWrap and see the results for yourself when the lunchbox returns from school.

Modern day version of cooking with leaves and clay
Go back a few hundred years and the alternative to today’s modern way wrapping of foods were leaves & clay. And our ancestors used to also cook our food in leaves & clay, Aluminum is the modern had equivalent of cooking with leaves and clay. Aluminum is great for cooking, indoors or outdoors (for all you great outdoor lovers out there), simply wrap your food in it and throw it on your pan or on the open fire (be sure to use a heavier grade of SmartWrap).
Preserving Food is a great way to save tons of money
Flora SmartWrap allows fruits, vegetables & foods to stay fresher longer and is a great way to keep your foods from going bad. On an average a US household throws away about 25% of their fruits, vegetables & meats because they have gone bad, and though the incidence of throwing food away is lower in India, it is seen as a growing trend. Save food, save the planet, and save your hard earned money.

Technology so advanced it is used everywhere food is there
Aluminum makes for an excellent barrier and for evidence look inside practically any packaged foods. It is used inside bags of potato chips & wafers, inside juice boxes, and used inside packaging for medicines. It is the undisputed champion of barrier protection against light, moisture, bacteria - shouldn't you be using this in your kitchen?

Protects food from light, gases, bacteria, moisture and odors
Flora SmartWrap is impervious to most things that would ruin your foods. Not only is a great barrier against oxygen & nitrogen, it also protects from light sources that start the process of decay in many foods. Yours fruits, vegetables will stay preserve for longer and will taste fresher.
Preserve, Freeze and reheat - so convenient
When it comes to convenience the not-so-humble SmartWrap just cannot be beat. Wrap your food in SmartWrap to hold it together and protect it, throw it in the freezer to preserve it, and when you ready to eat it, simply throw it in the oven to cook it, and believe it or not, you can take it straight to the dinning table and eat in it too (akin to eating on banana leaves). Imagine all the washing it saves you.

So many other uses, its super versatile
Not just is SmartWrap convenient, it is super versatile. Use it to sharpen scissors, or to keep your oven clean. You can use it in your bathroom to make your soap last longer, or amateur photographers can use it as a very effective home-made reflector. Use it to iron both side of your clothes as the same time, or you can use it to make your own solar cooker. But perhaps the most useful of them is to use SmartWrap to clean your jewelery. While we invented SmartWrap, our customers are inventing newer uses for it. Go ahead and send us tips on what your favorite SmartWrap use is.

Locks in odor, so it wont stink up your kitchen or refrigerator
We used speciality aluminum to create a product which repels odors so that your food always smells like the day you first bought it.
Food-grade Aluminum; BPA and Phthalate free
Flora's SmartWrap Foil are BPA & Phthalate free for the health of your family and of the environment. Its food-grade aluminum ensures your food remains safe and chemical & deposit free. Food-grade Aluminum also ensures that it does not alter the taste or smell of your food.
Versatile cooking implement
SmartWrap is not just for wrapping & storing, it is also a versatile cooking implement. Use it to line your pans or the inside of your oven when cooking messy foods and simply peel off SmartWrap and throw it away along with the mess. Wrap your cold pizzas in SmartWrap and toss it into the oven directly - no fuss, no mess pizza is ready to eat right away. There are so many ways to use SmartWrap in cooking, and we are discovering new ways every day.

Show your true color-green
Since SmartWrap is great for wrapping, storing & cooking, all without ever taking it off. Also, it can be used many times, simply wipe and reuse. It is no wonder that SmartWrap also helps you go Green, while saving you many every day.

Make each meal an experience
One of the fun ways to use SmartWrap is to have family members assemble their own meals into sheets of SmartWrap and you can cook it directly, either on an open flame wire or inside a oven. Kids love it, and so do adults.