Management Team

Team Image Dhanraj Parekh is the founder of Flora Industries which he started in 1990 with a manufacturing unit in Daman. His journey started in 1971 when he started a retail trading business operating out of a 200 sq. ft. space. Today under his leadership, Flora Industries operates over 200,000 sq.ft of manufacturing facility producing over 70 different products in 6 different product segments. The group continues to grow at a rate of 30% each year and has recently commissioned an additional 200,000 sq. ft of manufacturing facility to meet growth in demand & expanding product lines. Mr. Parekh holds a from Bombay University.
Team Image Sanjay Parekh is the Managing Director of Flora Industries which he joined as an apprentice in 1993. Sanjay has been instrumental in setting up the manufacturing arm of the group and has been responsible for the over all manufacturing operations of the business. Sanjay wears various hats and oversees all aspects of the groups business. Sanjay holds a from Bombay University.
Team Image Tushar Parekh is the Managing Director of Flora Industries and is responsible for its strategic direction. Prior to Flora Industries, Tushar founded Mrecord LLC, a US based healthcare IT company. At Mrecord was responsible for guiding the company since its inception and has transformed itself from a services business into a world leading developer of Speech-To-Text technology. Having driven Mrecord with consistent year-on-year 40% growth he firmly established Mrecord in the leaders quadrant in the burgeoning US healthcare segment. Tushar holds an MBA degree from Bentley College, Waltham, MA (USA) & from Bombay University.
Team Image Nipul Parekh is Managing Director of Flora Industries - Immersed in his family business for the last 5 years, Nipul Parekh has attained his Bachelors of Science, in Management Information Systems, from the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. After completing his American education, Nipul devoted his time in educating himself in all the relevant areas of the family's business. Today, this hard working industrialist has gone a step further taking his company to the next level with his vision; by making a remarkable individual contribution via his knowledge of technology, as well as by implementing an ERP into the business. Personally, his interest and experience includes that of the computing world. A self proclaimed gadget freak, he has started his very own blog which describes the breadth and depth of his knowledge for the latest technological advancements in the market.