Simple, the safest way to cook
Flora Glamor Tava is the SAFEST way to cook your food, PERIOD. Our Tava's are made from high-grade aluminum which goes through a process known as anodizing and has been widely acknowledged to be the safest among all other types of cooking implements. The electro-chemical anodizing process locks into our Tava's base metal, aluminum, so that it can’t get into food, and makes for, what many cooks consider, an ideal non-stick and scratch resistant cooking surface.

Non-stick without harmful teflon
Recently TEFLON coated cookware has come under suspicion for releasing harmful chemicals which have been linked to birth defects. Our Tava & our entire range of cookware products do not use any TEFLON. Instead we use an electro-chemical anodizing process that makes our cookware surface non-stick & scratch resistant. Moreover, since there is no coating, the non-stick surface will never be compromised and your cookware will remain non-stick forever.

Built to last an astonishing 25 years
Flora Glamor Tava are virtually indestructible, and can withstand normal use for over 25 years. We have used speciality aluminum & compounds to create a virtually destruction proof cookware product which can withstand the rigors of daily use which include drops, bangs & hits.
Scratch resistant, virtually indestructible
Flora Glamor Tava's are highly scratch resistant and look new after years of use. Food will never stick to your Flora Glamor Tava even after years of use (and abuse). Your Flora Glamor Tava is guaranteed to give you years of non-stick service, saving you thousands in replacement cost. We wont be surprised if it becomes part of your family heirloom

Cooks faster, saves energy and money
One thing we can all agree on is that energy costs are rising each year. And cooking is a major part of your household energy bill. Realizing this we gave our research team a challenge - make a cooking surface that heats up to the right temperature really fast, thereby consuming less energy. Using a patented process our research team combine special compounds to form a surface that is transfer heat to the surface of the Tava quickly, rapidly heating up the cooking surface. Your food cooks faster, saving you energy and money year after year, paying for your Flora Glamor Tava many times over.

Virgin materials guarantee
Flora prides itself on using the best materials & metals. Flora guarantees that our Tava are made out of virgin materials and metals only, making them more durable and has a sheen that is unique only to virgin raw materials
Tastier, more nutritious food
Advanced nano-technology embedded in your Flora Glamor Tava ensures that the heat is uniformly spread cooking your food evenly. Moreover, our patented cooking surface technology ensures that the surface never heats up beyond cooking temperatures, so as to ensure that the nutrients in your food are not destroyed. Your food is noticeable tastier and better for your and your family's health

Healthier food starts with less oil
It is widely acknowledged that eating under 15 grams of fat a day is the fastest way to a slimmer waist line and a healthier heart. Cooking oil is packed with fats, a teaspoon of peanut oil contains as much as 13.5 grams of Fat & over 119 calories. The more oil is needed to cook your food, the more fat you consume. Flora Glamor Tava unique non-stick surface requires virtually no cooking oil to cook your food, which equates to healthier food and a slimmer you.

Virtually Odor-Free
We used speciality aluminum to create a product which repels odors so that your Tava always smells like the day you first bought it.
Guaranteed 6 hours of temperature retention
Flora Glamor Tava's are BPA & Phthalate free for the health of your family and of the environment. Its food-grade aluminum ensures that your food remains safe and chemical & deposit free. Food-grade Aluminum also ensures that it does not alter the taste or smell of your food.
Made of ultra-light aluminium
Flora's team specially engineered our Tava's for busy families and therefore designed them to be ultra-light weight. Our Tava's weigh, the lightest in the industry but at the same time it feels just solid in your hand.
Withstands rigors of everyday use
Our bigger achievement is not so much in the ultra-low weight of our Tava, but in how strong we made them. We experimented with hundreds of different compounds to achieve the highest weight-to-strength ratios. Simply put our Tava can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Use any spatulas types
Traditionally non-stick surfaces had to be handle carefully so as not to scratch the coating on the surface which would render the cookware unusable. Any spatula or cooking implement made of metal was a no-no since it could easily destroy the coating and trash your non-stick cookware. Flora Glamor Tava and cookware instead use more advanced technology which requires no coating for the surface to be non-stick, and therefore there is no risk of the coating getting scratched by any spatulas.