Clothes Hanger
Feels Luxurious and Rich
Flora Clothes Hangers are made from high-grade stainless steel and you can feel the quality in your hands. The Hanger feels strong & solidly built in your hands. Your Closet or Wardrobe looks stately and uniform truly enhancing the look of your closet.

Eleminates shoulder dimples and puckering
Flora Clothes Hangers have been designed specifically to eliminate the formation of Dimples & Puckering on your clothes. Your clothes last longer and retain shape so they look newer longer.
Durable and Built-to-last
Flora Clothes Hanger are built with high-grade stainless steel that is guaranteed to last many years. Cheap plastic or metal hangers simply don't last and cost you more in the long run. Cheap Metal hangers rust and bend easily and wont give more than a couple years of good use. Use Flora Clothes Hanger everyday to organize your wardrobe & clothes closets
Comes in a variety of colors
Flora Clothes Hangers come in a variety of colors to match your lifestyle. You can color code your clothes by using individual colored hangers.

Comes in multiple sizes
Flora Clothes Hangers are available in multiple different sizes. Match your Shirt size to the size of our Hangers to ensure that they don't slip off the hanger. Also, the right size of hangers will prevent your shirts from forming Dimples & Puckering on the shoulders.
Guaranteed 6 hours of temperature retention
Flora's clothes hanger are BPA & Phthalate free for the health of your family and of the environment. Its food-grade aluminum ensures your food remains safe and chemical & deposit free. Food-grade Aluminum also ensures that it does not alter the taste or smell of your food.