Casseroles - Glamor
Spill proof guarantee
Flora Glamor Casseroles are guaranteed to be spill-proof, your food stays inside and never ends up on anything else. Our precision engineered casseroles ensure that any liquids stay inside the casseroles.

Virgin materials guarantee
Flora prides itself on using the best materials. Flora guarantees that our casseroles are made out of virgin materials only, making them more durable and has a sheen that is unique only to virgin materials.

Virtually Odor-Free
We used speciality high-grade stainless steel to create a product which repels odors so that your casseroles always smells like the day you first bought it. And your food smells just like it would when it left your kitchen.
Locks-in health, flavor, freshness and softness
To preserve in flavor, freshness & softness of foods Flora Glamor Casseroles create the perfect air-tight container which locks in all the goodness of your foods while preventing spills. The result is food that tastes more softer, healthier & more flavorful, even hours later.

Withstands years of use
Our bigger achievement is not so much in the ultra-low weight of our casseroles, but in how strong we made them. We experimented with hundreds of different compounds to achieve the highest weight-to-strength ratios. Simply put our tiffins can withstand the rigors of every day use.
Made of high-grade 100% stainless steel
Flora's team specially engineered our casseroles for everyday rigorous use out of 100% high-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is widely known for been highly durable and last years of use. Besides, it is chemically inert which makes it ideal for storage of food. You can rest assured that your Flora Glamor Casseroles will give you years of service

Easy to wash and stow away
Flora Glamor Casseroles are designed to be easily unpacked, washed & stowed away. It is non-odor absorbing making it ideal to be closed and simply stowed away until the next time you need to use it. It is dish-washer friendly and can be washed in hot or warm water.
Guaranteed 6 hours of temperature retention
Flora Gamor Casseroles brings "eating-fresh-anytime" to your kitchen. Our Casseroles have double walls which are filled with 2inches of vacuum insulation which keeps your hot food HOT. The lids of our tiffins are vacuum insulated as well, something no other Casseroles on the market offer. Glamor casseroles are guaranteed to keep your foods at the original temperature for a full 6 hours.
Built to last an astonishing 25 years
Flora Glamor Casseroles are virtually indestructible, and can withstand normal use for over 25 years. We have used High-Grade Stainless steel & compounds to create a virtually destruction-proof tableware which can withstand the rigors of everyday use which include drops, bangs & hits.